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13. APOLLONIUS MUS (Μῦς), a follower of Herophilus, of whose life no particulars are known, but who must have lived in the first century B. C., as Strabo mentions him as a contemporary. (14.1, p. 182, ed. Tauchn.) He was a fellow-pupil of Heracleides of Erythrae (ibid.), and composed a long work on the opinions of the sect founded by Herophilus. (Cael. Aurel. De Morb. Acut. 2.13, p. 110; Gal. De Differ. Puls. 4.10, vol. viii. pp. 744, 746.) He also wrote on pharmacy (Cels. De Med. v. praef. p. 81; Pallad. Comm. in Hipp. "Epid. VI.," ap. Dietz, Schol. in Hipp. et Gal. vol. ii. p. 98; Gal. De Antid. 2.7, 8, vol. xiv. pp. 143, 146), and is supposed to be the same person who is sometimes called " Apollonius Herophileius."

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