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Ἀριστίων), a surgeon, probably belonging to the Alexandrian school, was the son of Pasicrates, 1 who belonged to the same profession. (Oribas. De Machinam. cc. 24, 26. pp. 180, 183.) Nothing is known of the events of his life; with respect to his date, he may be conjectured to have lived in the second or first century B. C., as he lived after Nymphodorus (Oribas. ibid. p. 180), and before Heliodorus (p. 161).


1 * In the extract from Oribasius, given by A. Mai in the fourth volume of his Classici Auctores e Vaticanis Codicibus Editi, Rom. 8vo., 1831, we should read υἱόν instead of πατέρα in p. 152, 1. 23, and Ἀριστίων instead of Ἀρτίων in p. 158, 1.10.

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