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the son of Parthamaspates. There are some coins on which he is represented with the diadem, which seems to have been given to him by Antoninus Pius. (Iamblichus, apud Phot. Cod. 94. p. 75b., ed. Bekker.)

SOAEMUS or SOHEMUS (Σόαιμος), the son of Achaemenides, was established on the throne by Thucydides, the lieutenant of Lucius (Martius) Verus, during the reign of M. Aurelius Antoninus. (Iambilich. apud Phot. l.c.) We learn from Moses Chorenensis (2.60-64), that the national king, who was supported by Vologeses II. of Parthia, was Dikran or Tigranes. Soaemus was an Arsacid. (Dio Cass. Fragm. lxxi. p. 1201, ed. Reimar.)

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