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1. A Median, who acts a prominent part in Xenophon's account of Cyrus the Elder, whose relative Artabazus pretended to be. He is described there as a friend of Cyrus, and advising the Medes to follow Cyrus and remain faithful to him. Cyrus employed him on various occasions : when Araspes was on the point of violating Pantheia, the wife of Abradatas, Cyrus sent Artabazus to protect her; in the war against Croesus, Artabazus was one of the chiliarchs of the infantry. Cyrus bestowed upon him various honours and presents for his faithful attachment. (Xenoph. Cyrop. 1.4.27, 4.1.23, 5.1.23, 6.1. §§ 9, 34, 6.3.31, 7.5.48, 8.3.25, 4. §§ 1, 12, 24.)

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