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7. An EGYPTIAN, possessed, according to Suidas (s. v. Ἡράϊσκος), a profound knowledge of Egyptian theology, and wrote hymns on his native gods. He also composed a work upon the agreement among the different religions, a second on the history of Egypt, and a third on Ogyges. Of the history of Egypt the sixtieth book is quoted by Athenaeus. (iii. p. 83.) There seems to be little doubt that this Asclepiades is the same as the one whom Suetonius (Suet. Aug. 94) calls the author of Θεολογούμενα, and of whom he quotes a fragment. This Θεολογούμενα, moreover, seems to be the same work as that on the agreement among the different religions. Suetonius calls him Asclepiades Mendes, seems to be derived from the name of a town in Egypt. (Comp. Schol. ad Hom. H. vii. p. 147; Casaub. ad Suet. l.c.; Vossius, de Hist. Graec. p. 406, ed. Westermann.)

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