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Balbus, L. Luci'lius

a Roman jurist, one of the pupils of Q. Mucius Scaevola, and one of the legal instructors of the eminent lawyer and distinguished friend of Cicero, Servius Sulpicius Rufus. He was probably the father of Lucilius, the companion of Appius Pulcher in Cilicia (Cic. Fam. 3.4), and the brother of Q. Lucilius Balbus, the Stoic philosopher. [BALBUS, No. 8.] Cicero (Cic. de Orat. 3.21) speaks of the duo Balbi as Stoics. By Heineccius (Hist. Jur. Rom. ยง 149) and others the jurist Lucius has been confounded with Quintus the Stoic philosopher. The jurist was occasionally quoted in the works of Sulpicius; and, in the time of Pomponius, his writings did not exist in a separate form, or, at least, were in the hands of few. (Dig. i. tit. 2. s. 42.) He was a man of much learning. In giving advice and pleading causes his manner was slow and deliberate. (Cic. Brut. 42, pro Quint. 16, 17.)


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