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Βοιώ), an ancient poetess of Delphi, composed a hymn of which Pausanias (10.5.4) has preserved four lines. Athenaeus (ix. p. 393e.) cites a work, apparently a poem, entitled Ὀρνιθογονία, which seems to have contained an account of the myths of men who had been turned into birds, but he was doubtful whether it was written by a poetess Boeo or a poet Boeus (Βοῖος): Antoninus Liberalis, however, quotes it (cc. 3, 7, and ]1, &c.) as the work of Boeus. The name of Boeo occurs in a list of seers given by Clemens Alexandrinus. (Strom. i. p. 333d., ed. Paris, 1629.)

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