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*Xori/kios), a rhetorician and sophist of Gaza, the pupil of Procopius of Gaza, and afterwards of another sophist of the same place, flourished in the reign of Justinian, about A. D. 520.


μελέται και συντάξεις λόγων διάφοροι

His orations formed, in the time of Photius, a collection under the title of μελέται και συντάξεις λόγων διάφοροι. They were on very various subjects, but chiefly panegyrical. Photius makes particular mention of a funeral oration for the rhetorician's teacher. (Cod. 160; Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. ix. p.760, x. p.719, ed. Harles.)


Twenty-one of Choricius's orations exist in MS., of which two have been printed by Fabricius with a Latin version by J. C. Wolf (Bibl. Graec. vol. viii. p. 841, old ed.) and a third by Villoison. (Anec. ii. pp. 21, 52.)


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