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*Xru/sermos), an ancient physician, who lived probably at the end of the second or the beginning of the first century B. C., as he was one of the tutors of Heracleides of Erythrae (Gal. De Differ. Puls. 4.10, vol. viii. p. 743), perhaps also of Apollonius Mus, who was a fellow-pupil of Heracleides. (Strab. 14.1, p. 182, ed. Tauchn.) His definition of the pulse has been preserved by Galen (l. c. p. 741), as also one of his medical formulae (De Compos. Medicam. sec. Loc. 9.2, vol. xiii. p. 243), and an anecdote of him is mentioned by Sextus Empiricus (Pyrrhon. Hypotyp. 1.14.84), and copied into Cramer's Anecd. Graec. vol. iii. p. 412, where for Ἐρυσερμὸς we should read Χρὺσερμος. He is also mentioned by Pliny. (H. N. 22.32.)


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