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Ci'spia Gens

plebeian, which came originally from Anagnia, a town of the Hernici. An ancient tradition related that Cispius Laevus, of Anagnia, came to Rome to protect the city, while Tullus Hostilius was engaged in the siege of Veii, and that he occupied with his forces one of the two hills of the Esquiline, which was called after him the Cispius mons, in the same way as Oppius of Tusculum did the other, which was likewise called after him the Oppius mons. (Festus, s. vv. Septimontio, Cispius mons; Varr. L. L. 5.50, ed. Müller, where the name is also written Cespeus and Cispius.

No persons of this name, however, occur till the very end of the republic. The only cognomen of the gens is LAEVUS: for those whose surname is not mentioned, see CISPIUS.

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