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Cite'rius Sido'nius

This author appears to be the same as the Citerius, one of the professors at Bourdeaux, and the friend of Ausonius, commemorated in a poem of the latter. (Prof Burdig. xiii.) We learn from Ausonius that Citerius was born at Syracuse, in Sicily, and was a grammarian and a poet. In his hyperbolical panegyric, Ausonius compares him to Aristarchus and Zenodotus, and says that his poems, written at an early age, were superior to those of Simonides. Citerius afterwards settled at Bourdeaux, married a rich and noble wife, but died without leaving any children.


Epigram on three shepherds

the author of an epigram on three shepherds, which has no poetical merits, and is only remarkable for its quaintness.


It is printed in Wernsdorff's Poetae Latini Minores (vol. ii. p. 215), and in the Anthologia Latina (ii. Ep. 257, ed. Burmann, Ep. 253, ed. Meyer).

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