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Κλειτοφῶν), a Rhodian author of uncertain date, to whom we find the following works ascribed: 1. Γαλατρικά, a history of the Gauls, from which Plutarch (Parallel. Min. 15) gives a story, parallel to that of Tarpeia in Livy, of a woman of Ephesus, who betrayed the town to Brennus. 2. Ἰνδικά, from the tenth book of which Plutarch (de Fluv. 25.3) quotes a medical recipe for the jaundice. 3. Ἰταλικά. 4. Κτίσεις, a work on the origin of different cities (Plut. de Fluv. 6.4), from which we obtain one theory on the etymology of Lugdunum. (See Voss. de Hist. Graec. pp. 418, 419.)


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