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Καλλιάναξ), a physician, who probably lived in the third century B. C. He was one of the followers of Herophilus, and appears to have been chiefly known for the roughness and brutality of his manners towards his patients. Some of his answers have been preserved by Galen. To one of his patients who said he was about to die, he replied by the verse, Εἰ μή σε Λητὼ καλλίταις ἐγείνατο: and to another who expressed the same fear he quoted the verse from Homer (Hom. Il. 21.107), Κάτθανε καὶ Πάτροκλος, ὅπερ σέο πολλὸν ὰμείνων. (Galen, Comment. in Hippocr. "Epid. VI." 4.9. vol. xvii. pt. ii. p. 145; Pallad. Comment. Hippocr. "Epid. VI." § 8, apud Dietz, Schol. in Hippocr. et Gal. vol. ii. p. 112.)


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