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C. Camillus

a Roman jurist, and a particular friend of Cicero, who had a high opinion of his worldly prudence and judgment, and often consulted him on matters of business and law. At Cicero's table he was a frequent guest, and was remarkable for his love of news, and extreme personal neatness. His name often occurs in the letters of Cicero (Cic. Att. 5.8, 6.1, 5, 11.16, 23, 13.6, 33, ad Fam. 9.20, 14.5, 14), from one of which (ad Fam. 5.20) it appears, that Camillus was consulted by Cicero upon a matter connected with the jus praediatorium, which was a branch of the revenue law of Rome, and was so difficult and intricate that some jurists specially devoted themselves to its study. (Dict. of Ant. s. v. Praes.


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