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Διοκλῆς), of Athens, or, according to others, of Phlius, and perhaps in fact a Phliasian by birth and an Athenian by citizenship, was a comic poet of the old comedy, contemporary with Sannyrion and Philyllius. (Suid. s. v.) The following plays of his are mentioned by Suidas and Eudocia (p. 132), and are frequently quoted by the grammarians : Βάκχαι, Θάλαττα, Κύκλωπες (by others ascribed to Callias), Μέλιτται. The Θυέστης and Ὄνειροι, which are only mentioned by Suidas and Eudocia, are suspicious titles. He seems to have been an elegant poet. (Meineke, Frag. Com. Graec. i. pp. 251-253, ii. pp. 838-841.)


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