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Diodo'rus or Diodo'rus Valerius

2. Of ALEXANDRIA, surnamed Valerius Pollio, was a son of Pollio and a disciple of Telecles. He wrote, according to Suidas (s. v. Πωλίων) and Eudocia (p. 136), a work entitled ἐξήγησις τῶν ζητουμένων παρὰ τοῖς ί ῥήτορσιν, and another Ἀττικὴ λέξις. He lived in the time of the emperor Hadrian, and is perhaps the same as the Theodorus who is mentioned by Athenaeus (xiv. p. 646, comp. xv. pp. 677, 678, 691; Phot. Bibl. Cod. 149) as the author of Ἀττικαὶ Τλῶσσαι.

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