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the author of a grammatical treatise De Oratione et Partibus Orationis et Vario Genere Metrorum libri III. We are entirely ignorant of his history, but since he is frequently quoted by Priscian (e. g. lib. ix. pp. 861, 870, lib. 10.879, 889, 892), he must have lived before the commencement of the 6th century. The work is dedicated to a certain Athanasius, of whom we know nothing whatsoever. It is remarked elsewhere [CHARISIUS], that a close correspondence may be detected between the above work and many passages in the Institutiones Grammaticae of Charisius, and the same remark applies to Maximus Victorinus.


Diomedes was first published in a collection of Latin Grammarians printed at Venice by Nic. Jenson, about 1476. It is to be found in the Grammaticae Latinae Auctores Antiqui of Putschius, 4to. Hanov. 1605, pp. 170-527.

Further Information

For critical emendations, consult Scioppius, Suspect. Lect. and Reucens, Collectanea Litteraria, Leyden, 1815. See also Osann, Beiträge zur Griech. u. Röm. Lit. Gesch. ii. p. 331.


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