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3. DIOSCORIDES, a Grammarian at Rome, who, if not actually a physician, appears, at any rate, to have given great attention to medical literature. He lived in the beginning of the second century after Christ, probably in the reign of Hadrian, A. D. 117-138.


Edition of Hippocrates

He superintended an edition of the works of Hippocrates, which was much esteemed. He is, however, accused by Galen of having made considerable alterations in the text, and of changing the old readings and modernizing the language. He was a relation of Artemidorus Capito, another editor of Hippocrates, and is several times quoted by Galen.

Further Information

Galen, Comment. in Hippocr. " De Nat. Hom." 1.1; 2.1, vol. xv. pp. 21, 110; Comment. in Hippocr. " De Humor." i. prooem. vol. xvi. p. 2 ; Comment. in Hippocr. "Epidem. VI." i. prooem. vol. xvii. part i. p. 795; Gloss. Hippocr. in v. ἀπβρράσσετο, vol. xix. p. 83.


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