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*Diw/cippos), an Athenian comic poet of the new comedy (Suid. s. v.), wrongly called Dexippus in another passage of Suidas, (s. v. Κωρυκαῖος) and by Eudocia (p. 132). Suidas and Eudocia mention his Ἀντιπορνοβοσκός, of which a line and a half are preserved by Athenaeus (iii. p. 100e.), Ἱστοριογράφος (Ath. l.c.), which Vossius conjectures was intended to ridicule the fabulous Greek historians (de Hist. Graec. pp. 433, 434, ed. Westermann), Διαδικαζόμενοι, of which nothing remains, and Φιλάργυρος. (Ath. ix. p. 472b., xi. pp. 496, f., 502, d.) To these must be added, from Suidas and Photius (s. v. Κωρυκαῖος), the Θησαυρός. (Meineke, Frag. Com. Graec. i. p. 485, iv. pp. 541-543.)


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