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11. Cornelius Dolabella, was sent in A. D. 70 by the emperor Otho into the colony of Aquinum, to be kept there in a sort of libera custodia, for no other reason, but because he belonged to an ancient family, and was related to Galba. After the death of Otho he came back to Rome, but one of his most intimate friends, Plancius Vrarus, denounced him to the praefect of the city, who being a man of a mild but weak temperament, was inclined to pardon him, until Triaria, the wife of Vitellius, prevailed upon him not to sacrifice the safety of the princeps to his feeling of clemency. Vitellius, too, became alarmed through her, as Dolabella had married Petronia, a former wife of Vitellius. The emperor, therefore, enticed him to Interamnium, and there ordered him to be put to death. This was the first act of wanton cruelty in the reign of Vitellius. (Tac. Hist. 1.88, 2.63.)


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