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5. C. LIVIUS C. F. M. AEMILIANI N. DRUSUS, was a son of No. 3. Pighius (Annales, 3.20), contrary to all probability, confounds him with Livius Drusus Claudianus, the grandfather of Tiberius. [See No. 7.] He approached his brother, No. 4, in the influence of his character and the weight of his eloquence. (Cic. Brut. 28.) Some have supposed him to be the jurist C. Livius Drusus. referred to by Cicero (Tusc. Qu. 5.38) and Valerius Maximus (8.7), but see No. 3. Diodorus (Script. Vet. Nov. Coll. ii. p. 115, ed. Mai) mentions the great power which the two Drusi acquired by the nobility of their family, their good feeling, and their courteous demeanour. It seems to have been thought, that they could do anything they liked, for, after a certain law had been passed, some one wrote under it in jest, " This law binds all the people but the two Drusi." It is far more likely that two brothers than that, as Mai supposes, a father and son (viz. No. 4 and No. 6) should be thus referred to; and, from the context, we doubt not that No. 4 and the present No. 5, contemporaries of the Gracchi, are designated.

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