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Duris Ela'ites

Δοῦρις Ἐλα̈ῖτης), that is, of Elaea in Aeolis, the author of an epigram in the Greek Anthology (2.59, Brunck and Jacobs) on the inundation of Ephesus, which happened in the time of Lysimachus, about 322 B. C. It is probable, from the nature of the event, that the poet lived near the time when it took place. Nothing more is known of him. He is a different person from DURIS of Samos. (Jacobs, xiii. p. 889.) Diogenes Laertius (1.38) mentions a Duris who wrote on painting, whom Vossius (de Hist. Graec. p. 134, ed. Westermann) supposes to be the same who is mentioned by Pliny (xxxiii. Ind.), and in another passage of Diogenes (2.19).


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