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*Darei=os), the eldest son of Artaxerxes II. Mnemon, was designated as successor to the crown, and permitted to wear the upright tiara, by his father, towards the close of his life, in order to settle a dispute respecting the succession which had arisen between Dareius and his younger brother Ochus. Dareius was then fifty years old. It was customary on such occasions for the king to make his successor-elect a present of anything he chose to ask. Dareius asked for Aspasia, a favourite concubine of his father's. Artaxerxes left the matter to the lady's choice, and she preferred Dareius, at which the king was so enraged, that he broke the solemn promise, and devoted Aspasia to the service of Artemis. The resentment of Dareius against his father, and his jealousy of his brother were inflamed by Tiribazus, who had received a somewhat similar injury from Artaxerxes; and the prince formed a conspiracy, with several of his bastard brothers, against his father's life, which was detected, and Dareius was put to death. (Plut. Art. 26-29; Justin, 10.1, 2.)


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