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*Da=tis) is mentioned by the Ravenna Scholiast on Aristophanes (Aristoph. Frogs 86) as one of the four sons of Carcinus the elder [see p. 612], though other authorities speak only of three. That there were four is also distinctly stated by the comic poet Pherecrates. (Ap. Schol. ad Arist. Vesp. 1509.) By the Scholiast on the Peace (289), Datis is again mentioned as a tragic poet, and the Scholiast on the Wasps (1502) tells us that only one, viz. Xenocles, was a poet, while the other three were choral dancers. From these considerations, Meineke has conjectured with much probability that Datis was only a nickname for Xenocles, expressive of imputed barbarism of style, δατισμός. (Meineke, Hist. Crit. Com. Graec. p. 513, &c., where in p. 515, Philocles occurs twice erroneously for Xenocles.)


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