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3. Of ALEXANDRIA, a Peripatetic philosopher. (D. L. 5.84.)


περί ἑρμηνείας

There is a work entitled περί ἑρμηνείας, which has come down to us under the name of Demetrius Phalereus, which however, for various reasons, cannot be his production: writers of a later age (see e.g. §§ 76, 231, 246, 308) are referred to in it, and there are also words and expressions which prove it to be a later work. Most critics are therefore inclined to ascribe it to our Demetrius of Alexandria. It is written with considerable taste, and with reference to the best authors, and is a rich source of information on the main points of oratory. If the work is the production of our Demetrius, who is known to have written on oratory (τέχναι ῾ρητορικαί, Diog. Laert. l.c.), it must have been written in the time of the Antonines.


It was first printed in Aldus's Rhetores Graeci, i. p. 573, &c. Separate modern editions were made by J. G. Schneider, Altenburg, 1779, 8vo., and Fr. Goller, Lips. 1837, 8vo. The best critical text is that in Walz's Rhetor. Graec. vol. ix. init., who has prefixed valuable prolegomena.

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