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39. A TRAGIC actor, mentioned by Hesychius (s. v. Δημήτριος): he may be the same as the M. Demetrius whom Acron (ad Horat. Sat. 1.10. 18, 79) describes as a " δραματοποιός, i. e. modulator, histrio, actor fabularum." Horace himself treats him with contempt, and calls him an ape. Weichert (de Horat. Obtrect. p. 283, &c.) supposes that he was only a person who lived at Rome in the time of Horace and taught the art of scenic declamation; while others consider him to be the Sicilian, Demetrius Megas, who obtained the Roman franchise from J. Caesar through the influence of Dolabella, and who is often mentioned under the name of P. Cornelius.

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