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1. An Attidographer.


Atthis (Ἀτθίς

The author of an Atthis (Ἀτθίς), or a history of Attica, against which Philochorus wrote his Atthis, from which we may infer that Demon lived either shortly before or at the time of Philochorus. (Plut. Thes 19, 23; Athen. 3.96; Suid. s.v. τριτοπάτορες.)

On Proverbs

He is probably the same as the author of a work on proverbs (περὶ παροιμιῶν), of which some fragments are still extant, (Steph. s. v. Δωδώνη ; Harpocrat. s. v. Μυσῶν λείαν; Hesych. s. v. Οἰναῖοι; Photius, passim; Suidas, s. v. Δωδωναῖον ; Schol. ad Aristoph. Plut. 1003, Av. 302, Ran. 442 ; Schol. ad Hom. Od. 20.301, II. 16.233; ad Pind. Nem. 7.155, ad Eurip. Rhes. 248; Zenob. Proverb. 5.52; Apostol. vii 44, 13.36, 17.28, 20.27; Arsenius, Viol. pp. 186, 463).

On Sacrifices

περὶ Δυσιῶν; Harpocrat. s. v. προκώνια).


The fragments of the works of Demon are collected in Siebelis Phanodemus (Demonis, Clitodemi et Istri) Ἀτθίδων et relig. Fragm., Leipzig, 1812.

Further Information

See especially p. vii. &c., and p. 17, &c., and in C. and Th. Müller, Fragm. Hist. Graec. p. 378, &c. Comp. p. lxxxvii. &c.

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