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*De/cippos), a commentator on Plato and Aristotle, was a disciple of the Neo-Platonic philosopher Iamblichus, and lived in the middle of the fourth century of the Christian era.


on the Categories of Aristotle

We still possess a commentary of Dexippus on the Categories of Aristotle, in the form of a dialogue. The Greek title in the Madrid Codex is, Δεξίππου φιλοσόφου Πλατωνικοῦ τῶν εἰς τὰς Ἀροστοτέλους Κατηγορίας Ἀποριῶν τε καὶ Λύσεων κεφάλαια μ́.

In this work the author explains to one Seleucus the Aristotelian Categories, and endeavors at the same time to refute the objections of Plotinus. (Plotin. Ennead. 6.1, 2, 3; comp. Simplic. ad Arist. Categ. fol. 1, a.; Tzetzes, Chiliad. ix. Hist. 274.)


This, however, is printed only in a Latin translation. It appeared at Paris, 1549, 8vo., under the title of " Quaestionum in Categorias libri tres, interprete J. Bernardo Feliciano," and again at Venice, 1546, fo., after the work of Porphyry In Praedicam.

Other works still extant in MSS

Specimens of the Greek text are to be found in Iriarte, Cod. Bibl. Matrit. Catalog. pp. 135, 274, &c., and from these we learn that there are other dialogues of Dexippus on similar subjects still extant in manuscript.

Further Information

Fabric. Bibl. Gr. iii. pp. 254. 486, v. pp. 697, 740.


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