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Εὐάνθης), a painter of unknown date, two of whose pictures, in the temple of Zeus Casius at Pelusium, are described very minutely, and with great affectation, by Achilles Tatius (3.6-8). The subjects of them were, the release of Andromeda by Perseus, and the release of Prometheus by Heracles. (Comp. Lucian, de Domo, 22; Philostr. Imag. 1.29.) Both subjects are represented on existing works of art in a manner similar to that of the pictures of Evanthes. (Müller, Arch. d. Kunst, § 396. n. 2.414, n. 3; Pitt. Ere. 4.7, 61; Mus. Borb. 5.32, 6.50, 9.39; Gell, Pomp. pl. 42.)


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