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1. An Athenian, a brother of the noted general Nicias. The few notices we have of him are to be found in the speeches of Andocides and Lysias, and these do not tally with each other. According to Lysiats, he was made general by the Athenians, apparently after the last naval defeat of Nicias in the harbour of Syracuse (unless indeed by the last sea fight Lysias means the battle of Aegos Potami), and shewed his attachment to the principles of liberty by refusing to become one of the Thirty Tyrants, and was put to death by them. According to Andocides, Eucrates was one of the victims of the popular ferment about the mutilation of the Hermes busts, having been put to death on the information of Diocleides. We have a speech of Lysias, composed in defence of the son of Eucrates on the occasion of a trial as to whether his hereditary property should be confiscated or not. (Lys. de Bonis Niciae frat. 100.2; Andoc. de Myst. 100.11.)

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