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1. One of Alexander's generals, who was appointed by him to the command of the troops left in India. (Arrian, Arr. Anab. 6.27.5.) After Alexander's death he made himself master of the territories of the Indian king Porus, and treacherously put that monarch to death. He by this means became very powerful, and in 317 B. C. brought to the support of Eumenes in the war against Antigonus a force of 3.500 men and 125 elephants. (Diod. 19.14.) With these he rendered him active service in the first battle in Gabiene, but seems nevertheless to have been jealous of him, and joined in the conspiracy of Antigenes and Teutamos against him, though he was afterwards induced to divulge their plans. After the surrender of Eumenes, Eudemus was put to death by order of Antigonus, to whom he had always shewn a marked hostility. (Diod. 19.15, 27, 44; Plut. Eum. 100.16.)

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