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Flaccus, Vale'rius

12. L. Valerius Flaccus. When Sulla entered Rome, after the defeat of his enemies, he ordered the senate to appoint an interrex : the choice fell upon L. Valerius Flaccus, who immediately brought forward and carried a law that Sulla should be invested with the supreme power (the dictatorship) for an indefinite number of years, and that all the arrangements he had previously made should be sanctioned, and binding as laws. Sulla, on entering upon the dictatorship, made Flaccus his magister equitum. (Plut. Sulla, 33; Appian, App. BC 1.97, &c.; Cic. de Leg. Agr. 3.2, ad Att. 8.3; Schol. Gronov. ad Roscian. p. 435, ed. Orelli.)

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