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Flami'nia Gens

plebeian. During the first five centuries of Rome no mention is made of any member of the Flaminia Gens. The name is evidently a derivative from flamen, and seems to have originally denoted a servant of a flamen. (Paul. Diac. s. vv. Flaminius Camillus, Flaminius Lictor.) In former times the Flaminii were believed to be only a family of the Quintia gens ; but this opinion arose from a confusion of the Flaminii with the Flaminini, the latter of whom belonged to the ancient patrician Quintia gens. The only family names of the Flaminia gens that we know are CHILO and FLAMMA. There is no evidence for the cognomen Nepos, which Orelli (Onom. Tull. ii. p. 254) gives to the Flaminius who fell in the battle at lake Trasimenus.


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