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Fulci'nius Priscus

a jurist of whom little is known. In Dig. 25. tit. 2. s. 3.4, his opinion is cited by Paulus along with that of Proculus and that of Mela. In Dig. 25. tit. 2. s. 6, he is cited by Paulus along with Atilicinus. In Dig. 39. tit. 6. s. 43, he is cited by Neratius. From Dig. 31. s. 49.2, it may be inferred that he was not earlier than Labeo; and it may be conjectured, with probability, that he was a contemporary of Proculus. Guil. Grotius (De Vitis Jurisc. 2.5.5), places his date between the reign of Tiberius and that of Trajan. He is cited by Gaius, Pomponius, and Ulpian. Though he lived before IIadrian, he appears to have written upon the praetor's edict, the form of which had already acquired permanence, for in Dig. 11. tit. 7. s. 29, Dig. 13. tit 1.13, Dig. 42. tit. 4. s. 7, pr. his opinion is cited by authors writing upon the edict.


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