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9. Of BAETICA, otherwise of ILLIBERIS, so called because he was bishop of Illiberis or Illiberi (now Elvira, near Granada), in the province of Baetica (now Andalusia), in Spain, was an ecclesiastical writer of the fourth century. Jerome, who mentions him in his Chronicon (ad Ann. 371), describes him as a Spanish bishop, a friend of Lucifer of Caralis (Cagliari), and a strenuous opponent of the Arians, from whom, in the time of their ascendancy, he suffered much. The emperor Theodosius the Great addressed an edict to Cynegius, praefect of the praetorium, desiring him to defend Gregory and others of similar views from the injuries offered to them by the heretics.


Gregory was the author of divers treatises, among which was one De Fide, which Jerome characterises as " elegans libellus." This work is supposed by Quesnel, editor of the Codex Canonum Romanus, to be the third of the " tres Fidei Formulae" contained in that work, and which bears an inscription ascribing it improperly to Gregory Nazianzen. The work De Fide contra Arianos given in some editions of the Bibliotheca Patrum, under the name of Gregory of Baetica is really by Faustinus. [FAUSTINUS.] The pseudo Flavius Dexter identifies this Gregory of Baetica with Gregory, praefect of the praetorium in Gaul. [See above, GREGORIUS, historical, No. 3.]

Further Information

Hieronymus, Chronicon, 1. c., De Viris Illustr. c. 105; Cave, Hist. Litt. vol. i. p. 235; Tillemont, Mémoires, vol. 10.727, &c.

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