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Gallie'nus, Q. Julius

We learn from Victor (Epit. 33) that the emperor Gallienus had, in addition to the Saloninus who was put to death by Postumus, another son also named Saloninus or Salonianus. This is probably the individual commemorated in an inscription (Gruter, cclxxv. 5) IMP. Q. IULIO. FILIO. GALLIENI. AUG. ET. SALONINAE. AUG. and who is said by Zonaras to have been put to death at Rome along with his uncle Valerianus. If, however, an unique coin, figured in the Pembroke collection, bearing on the obverse a beardless head surrounded by rays with the legend DIVO. CAES. Q. GALLIENO, and on the reverse a flaring altar with the word CONSECRATIO, can be held as genuine, it would seem to indicate that this Q. Gallienus died young and was deified by his father. (See Eckhel, vol. vii. p. 430, who mentions a second medal which perhaps belongs to the same person.)


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