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*Glauki/as), a Greek physician, belonging to the sect of the Empirici (Galen, De Meth. Med. 2.7, vol. x. p. 142, Comment. in Hippocr. " Epid. VI." 3.29, vol. xvii. pt. ii. p. 94), who lived after Serapion of Alexandria, and before Heracleides of Tarentum, and therefore probably in the third or second century B. C. (Celsus, De Medic. i. Paef. p. 5.) Galen mentionshim as one of the earliest commentators on the whole of the works of Hippocrates (Comment. in Hippocr. "De Humor." 1.24, vol. xvi. p. 196), and he also wrote an alphabetical glossary on the difficult words occurring in the Hippocratic collection. (Erot. Gloss. Hippocr. p. 16, ed. Franz.) His commentaries on Hippocrates are several times quoted and referred to by Galen. (Comment. in Hippocr. " De Humor." i. Praef. 2.30, vol. xvi. pp. 1, 324, 327; Comment. in Hippocr. "Epid. VI." i. Praef. 2.65, vol. xvii. pt. i. pp. 794, 992.) It is uncertain whether he is the person quoted by Pliny. (H. N. 20.99, 21.102, 22.47, 24.91.) Fabricius says he was the master of Heracleides of Tarentum, and Apollonius, but for this statement the writer has not been able to find any authority. (Bibl. Graec. vol. xiii. p. 171, ed. Vet.)


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