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2. A noble Persian, one of the seven conspirators against Smerdis the Magian. When the attack was made, and Smerdis fled to his chamber, he was pursued by Dareius and Gobryas. In the darkness of the room Dareius was afraid to strike at the Magian, lest he should kill Gobryas; but Gobryas perceiving his hesitation, exclaimed, " Drive your sword through both of us." Dareius struck, and fortunately pierced only the Magian. (Hdt. 3.70, 73, 78; Plut. Oper. vol. ii. p. 50e., and Wyttenbach's Note; Just. 1.9; V. Max. 3.2, ext. ยง 2; Aristeid. vol. i. p. 502, vol. ii. p. 236.) Gobryas accompanied Dareius into Scythia, and discovered the true meaning of the symbolical defiance of the Scythians. (Hdt. 4.132, 134.) He was doubly related to Dareius by marriage: Dareius married the daughter of Gobryas, and Gobryas married the sister of Dareius; and one of his children by her was Mardonius. (Hdt. 7.2, 5.)

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