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3. One of the followers and admirers of Erasistratus, mentioned by Galen (De Simplic. Medicam. Temper. ac Facult. 1.29, vol. xi. p. 432), who is supposed to be the same physician who is said in an a ancient Greek inscription found at Smyrna to have been the son of Charidemus, and to have written a great number of medical and historical works. If his father was the physician who was one of the followers of Erasistratus [CHARIDEMUS], he lived probably in the third or second century B. C. He is perhaps the same person said in another inscription to have been a native of Tricca in Thessaly. (Mead, Dissert. de Numis quibusdam a Smyrnaeis in Medicorum Honorem percussis, Lond. 1724, 4to.; Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. xiii. p. 180, ed. vet.)


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