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Ἕρμων), or, as some write it, HERMONAX, a Greek grammarian, who made the dialect spoken in the island of Crete his particular study, and wrote a dictionary (Κρητικαὶ γλῶσσαι), in which he explained the words peculiar to that dialect, as well as those which were used by the Cretans in a peculiar sense. The work is often referred to by Athenaeus, who sometimes calls the author Hermon (iii. p. 81, vi. p. 267), and sometimes Hermonax (ii. p.53, iii. p. 76, xi. p. 502), but which of the two forms of the name is the correct one is uncertain. (Comp. Fischer, Animadv. in Welleri Grammat. Graec. i p. 49.) Lucian (Conviv. s. Lapith. 6) mentions an Epicurean philosopher of the name of Hermon, who is otherwise unknown.


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