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3. The physician mentioned by Galen (De Bon. et Prav. Aliment. Succ. 100.4. vol. vi. p. 77.5 ; De Meth. Med. 7.6. vol. x. p. 474), together with Euryphon, as having recommended human milk in cases of consumption, was probably a different person from either of the preceding, and may have been a contemporary of Euryphon in the fifth century B. C.


Glossary of Ionic Words

There is extant, under the name of Herodotus, a short Glossary of Ionic words.

This is commonly printed together with the Glossary of Erotianus, and supposed to relate to the Hippocratic Collection. Franzius, however, is inclined to the opinion that the little work is intended to explain, not the words used by Hippocrates, but those used by Herodotus the historian, and that hence it has been attributed by mistake to a physician or grammarian of the name of Herodotus.

Some persons have attributed to a physician named Herodotus two of the treatises included in the collection of Galen's works, viz. the Introductio or Medicus, and the Definitiones Medicae. But though it may be doubted whether these works belong to Galen, it is equally doubtful whether they were written by Herodotus.

Further Information

See Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. xiii. p. 184, ed. vet.; J. G. F. Franz, Preface to his edition of the Glossaries of Erotianus, Galen, and lerodotus, Lips. 1780, 8vo.


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