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6. A Greek grammarian.


Συνέκδημος (
Travelling Companion

Hierocles is known to us only as the author of a work entitled Συνέκδημος, that is, The Travelling Companion, which is intended as a handbook for travellers through the provinces of the Eastern empire. It was probably written at the beginning of the sixth century of our era; it contains a list of 64 eparchiae or provinces of the Eastern empire, and of 935 different towns, with brief descriptions, and is therefore of considerable importance for the geography of those countries.


The first edition in C. a S. Paulo, Geograph. Sacr., Paris, 1641, and Amsterdam, 1704, fol., is incomplete. Better editions are those in E. Schelstraten's Antiquitas Eccles. Illustr., Rome, 1697, vol. ii., and in vol. i. of Banduri's Imperium Orient.; but by far the best edition is that of P. Wesseling, in his Veterum Romanorum Itineraeria, Amsterdam, 1735, 4to., p. 631, &c.


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