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Ἱπποκλείδης), an Athenian, son of Tisander, came to the court of CLEISTHENES of Sicyon as one of the suitors of his daughter AGARISTA. He was descended from the Cypselidae of Corinth (comp. Hdt. 6.35), and was distinguished for wealth and beauty of person. Cleisthenes was disposed to prefer him to the other suitors, and he would probably have won the lady, had he not disgusted Cleisthenes on the day appointed for the decision by indecent dancing and tumblers' tricks. To his host's remark, " You have danced away your marriage," he returned an answer by which he did not redeem his character as a gentleman, " Hippocleides does not care." (Hdt. 6.127-129; Ath. xiv. p. 628c, d.)


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