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*(Ippo/noos), a son of Glancus and Eurymede, or of Poseidon and Eurynome (Pind. O. 13.66; Hyg. Fab. 157), and a grandson of Sisyphus. He was a Corinthian hero, and by some called Leophontes, or more commonly Bellerophon, Bellerophontes, or Ellerophontes, a name which he is said to have received from having slain Bellerus, a distinguished Corinthian. [BELLEROPHON.] There are several other mythical personages of the name of Hipponous. (Schol. ad Pind. Nem. 9.90; Hom. Il. 11.303; Apollod. 3.6.3, 12.5.)


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