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*(/Ippus or Ἵπυς) of Rhegium, a Greek historian, who lived in the time of the Persian wars, and wrote a work on Sicily (τὰς Σικελικὰς πράξεις) in five books, which was epitomised by Myes. He also wrote Κτίσιν Ἰταλίας, no doubt an account of the early mythical history of Italy, like the works which the Romans called Origines ; Χρονικά in five books; and, if the text of Suidas is correct (Ἀργολογικῶν γ́), a miscellaneous work, the fruit of leisure hours, in three books: but few critics will hesitate to accept the conjectural emendation of Gyraldus, Ἀργολικῶν. (Suid. s. v.) There can be no doubt that the remainder of the article in Suidas (οὗτος πρῶτος ἔγραψε παρωδίαν καὶ χωλίαμβυν καὶ ἄλλα is misplaced from his article Ἱππῶναξ. [HIPPONAX.] Hippys is quoted by Aelian (Ael. NA 9.33), by Stephanus Byzantinus (s. v. Ἀπκάς), who says that Hippys first called the Arcadians προσελήνους; by Plutarch (de Defect. Orac. 23, p. 422); by the Scholiast on Apollonius Rhodius (4.262), and, with a corruption of the name into Ἱππίας and Ἱππεύς, by Athenaeus (i p. 31b.); by a Scholiast on Euripides (Eur. Med. 9); and by Zenobius (Prov. 3.42). Perhaps too one passage (Antig. Hist. Mir. 133), in which the name of Hippon of Rhegium occurs, may really refer to Hippys. (Vossius, de Hist. Graec. pp. 19, 20, ed. Westermann.)


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