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Hosti'lia Gens

came originally from Medullia, and was probably transported thence to Rome by Romulus. (Dionys. A. R. 3.1.) It is uncertain whether the Hostilia gens under the republic traced their descent from this source; but two coins of L. Hostilius Saserna, bearing the heads of Pallor and Pavor, indicate such an origin, since Tullus Hostilius, in his war with Veii and Fidenae, vowed temples to Paleness and Panic. (Liv. 1.27; Lactant. 1.20; Augustin. de Civ. Dei, 4.15, 23, 6.10.) The Hostilia gens had the surnames CATO, FIRMINUS (see below), MANCINUS, RUTILUS, SASERNA, and TUBULUS.


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