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Hanniballia'nus, Fla'vius Clau'dius

son of the elder, brother of the younger Delmatius [DELMATIUS], grandson of Constantius Chlorus, and nephew of the foregoing, received in marriage Constantina, daughter of his uncle Constantine the Great, by whom he was nominated to the government of Pontus, Cappadocia, and Lesser Armenia, with the title of king, a designation which had never been assumed by any Roman ruler since the expulsion of Tarquin the Proud, and which would have been regarded with horror and disgust even in the days of Nero or Commodus. However startling the appellation may appear, nothing can be more unreasonable than the scepticism of Gibbon, for the fact is not only recorded by Ammianus and other historians of the period, but their testimony is fully corroborated by coins unquestionably genuine, which bear the legend FL. (or FL. CL.) HANNIBALLIANO. REGI. This prince shared the fate of his kindred, and perished in the general massacre of the imperial family which followed the death of Constantine. (Amm. Marc. 14.1, and note of Valesius; Aur. Vict. Epit. 61 ; Chron. Paschal. 286; Spanheim, de Usu et Praest. Numismat. Diss. xii.; Eckhel, vol. viii. p. 104.)


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