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Harpocra'tion, Ae'lius

a rhetorician who, according to Suidas, wrote a variety of rhetorical and philosophical works; such as, Περὶ τῶν δοκούντων τοῖς ῥήτορσιν ἠγνοεῖσθαι, Ὑποθέσεις λόγων Ὑπερίδου, Περὶ τέχνης ῥητορικῆς, Περὶ ἰδε̂ν , &c., of which not a trace has come down to us. Another Harpocration, with the praenomen Caius, who is likewise mentioned only by Suidas, wrote works of a similar character, as Περὶ τῶν Ὑπερίδου καὶ Λυσίου λόγων, Περὶ τῶν Ἀντιφῶντος σχημάτων, and others. Hence it is inferred that Suidas is here guilty of some mistake, and that Aelius and Caius Harpocration are perhaps one and the same person, whose full name was C. Aelius Harpocration. (Kiessling, Quaest. Attic. Specim. p. 26.)


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