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*(Hni/oxos), an Athenian comic poet of the middle comedy, whose plays, as mentioned by Suidas, were: Τροχίλος, Ἐπίκληρος, Γοργόνες, Πολυπράγμων, Θωρύκιον, Πολύευκτος, Φιλέταιρος, Δὶς ἐξαπατώμενος, a few fragments of which are preserved by Athenæus (vi. p. 271a. ix. p. 296d. p. 408a. xi. p 483, e.) and Stobaeus (Serm. 43.27). Suidas (s. v. πολύευκτος) has made a curious blunder, calling Heniochus a play by the comic poet Polyeuctus The Polyeuctus, who gave the title to the play of Heniochus, was an orator in the time of Demosthenes. (Meineke. Fray. Com. Graec. vol. i. p. 421, vol. iii. p. 560; Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. ii. p. 448.)


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