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4. Surnamed Erythraeus, a physician of Erythrae in Ionia, who was a pupil of Chrysermus (Galen, De Differ. Puls. 4.10, vol. viii. p. 743), a fellow-pupil of Apollonius, and a contemporary of Strabo in the first century B. C. (Strab. 14.1, p. 182, ed. Tauchn.) Galen calls hims the most distinguished of all the pupils of Chysermus (l.c.), and mentions a work written by him, Περ ὶτῆς Ἡροφίλου Αἱρέσεως, De Herophili Secta (Ibid. p. 746), consisting of at least seven books. He wrote a commentary on the sixth book of Hippocrates, De Morbis Vulgaribus (Galen, Comment. in Hippocr. "Epid. VI." i. Praef. vol. xvii. pt. i. p. 793), but neither this nor any of his writings are still extant.


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